McLaren-Elva M6GT font end
McLaren-Elva M6GT rear view
McLaren-Elva M6GT with mechanics

Taken from Autosport published 5th March 1970

Road Car

…there is another field which Trojan may well enter-the high performance/price GT market. ”We can’t go making production cars on the same basis that Lotus do. We’ve got a small, personalized set-up.” But the possibility of an M6GT road car is quite on the cards, and indeed the prototype has been built and is currently being used by Bruce McLaren and Trojan for evaluation. “It’s a fantastic concept, the M6GT for the road,” says Agg, “but there are dramas, bike getting in and out of i,t. The trouble is that to do a prestige GT, we will probably have to change the monocoque radically we could always do a nice space-frame. We may well have to start again on the M6GT project along the lines of a space-frame, but as the body has been such an investment, we do want to get our outlay back.” Thus, Agg’s shrewd and basic business approach is likely to yield a very exiting road car of which about 100 would probably be constructed.