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The ELVA Challenge 1966

McLaren-Elva Mk 2 V8

The unique combination of design and building techniques resulting from the successful link between Elva, as constructor, and McLaren Racing, as test, design and racing consultants, has made the Mclaren-Elva Mk2 V8 sports racing car the most competitive in price and performance available today. Described by ‘Autosport’ as “the most successful of large capacity sports cars,” we have now produced a new car smaller, faster and already proven at Mosport and Nassau for your unlimited success in 1966.

Elva-BMW Mk8s 

The new Mk8s 2-litre Elva-BMW, incorporating many modifications including improved dimensions and power, now also available chassis-only for customers’ own power units, is the most economically priced and performance proven sports racing car in its class this year.

The new 1966 McLaren-Elva Mk2 V8 is smaller, faster and already race proven at Mosport and Nassau The -litre Elva-BMW is a worthy successor to the 1965 version wich proved itself a keen challenger on the UK and American circuits



Rear mounted – Traco prepared Oldsmobile 4.5 litre unjt developing 350 b.h.p. – aluminium cylinder block 4 IDA Weber carburetters. Optional suitable Ford or Chevrolet.


12-volt system – generator – starter sports coil – fuel pumps – battery voltage regulator – fuse box – two headlamps – rear and stoplights – horn.


4-speed Hewland LG gearbox with hypoy crown wheel & pinion and limited-slip differential – Pressure lubrication for cooling. ZF unit optional extra.


Single plate Schiefer. Duralumin flywheel. 


Large diameter round and square tubes – light alloy sheet bonded and riveted to frame forming undertray and bulkheads. 


FRONT – Independent – unequal length wide base wishbones incorporating anti­dive characteristics – adjustable camber and wheel alignment – anti­roll bar  adjustable coil spring arid damper units.

REAR – Independent – trailing arms with top link and lower wishbones – cast magnesium upright – adjustable camber and wheel alignment – anti roll bar – adjustable coil spring and damper units.


Girling discs all round. 12½” front, 11½” rear.


McLaren-Elva cast magnesium 1511 diameter front and rear. Rim width:- 8½” front, 10″ rear. 


Dunlop racing

FRONT – 550 x 15

REAR – 650 x 15


Pressurised – pump circulated -single
cross-flow radiator.


4 Section reinforced Polyester resin moulded body, side. section housing the rubber tanks, with built in brake and radiator ducting. 


Two rubber fuel tanks in glass fibre reinforced containers – 25 imperial gallons each- total SO imperial gallons


Wheelbase – 91″
Track Front – 51″
Track Rear – 52″
Overall Length – 164″
Overall Width – 64″
Height 10 top of screen Approx. weight(less fuel) – 1300lbs.

Approx. distribution – 40% Front, 60% Rear